Everything you need to know about Lilly's In Bloom Florist

We at Lillys In Bloom are a locally owned small business who has worked in the florist industry for the past 40 years. We offer friendly service in all aspects of your floral needs, from Births to celebrating one's life or flowers just to say because I can and I'm thinking of you.

We also offer wedding packages for brides on a budget. Our staff are only too willing to help you find that special arrangement for that special someone. We give great quality and value to our customers.

We offer same day delivery on local/interstate and overseas orders. As well as a bonus free delivery to Redcliffe Peninsula Private hospital and local nursing homes.

So pick up the phone and speak to our friendly staff members to assist you with all your floral needs!

Here at Lillys In Bloom we are only too willing to help our customers choose the right flowers for the right occasion. We keep our prices at a reasonable rate so that you, the customer, becomes the winner and to eliminate the saying that flowers are too expensive. As we are competing against our bigger chain stores we are providing a service in presentation and quality, we offer same day delivery on the Peninsular and a guarantee that you will not be disappointed with what you choose. We give great friendly service in all areas of floristry. We would love to think that we could become YOUR favourite florist in the Redcliffe area.

Not Too many people know the difference between an arrangement and a bouquet, we tend to think they are one of the same, but they are not! An arrangement are flowers already arranged in wet floral foam that comes in a  container or box (the work is already done) so no vase is needed. However a bouquet are loose flowers wrapped in tissue and can be arranged by the recipient and they need there own vase, so when ordering this helps the florist understand what you are requiring.

As summer is here, flowers have the same problem humans do and become dehydrated. So when we want our flowers to give us much joy we need to do our part- we find that if you cut the stems each day they will keep drinking- add a cap full of bleach to the water and this keeps the bacteria away as well as helps prolong the life of the flowers. We have had customers tell us by doing this their flowers have lived for up to 2 weeks. (This only applies to bouquets/bunches of flowers requiring their own vase)

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